5 Tips for Not Destroying your Washing Machine

When you’re trying to get laundry done, the last thing you want to worry about is how quickly you can get your washing machine fixed after it breaks down on you. While the chances of needing to replace your washing machine are pretty slim, there are steps you can take to make it less likely that you’ll have to repair your washing machine at all, or at least know how to do so if necessary. Here are five tips for not destroying your washing machine and prolonging its life span.


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1) Read the Manual

Before you even turn on your washing machine, it’s a good idea to get familiar with its operating manual. You’ll learn how to operate your washing machine properly, which will prevent damage and improve efficiency.

To make sure you thoroughly understand how to take care of your washing machine, read through any available maintenance or service manuals that are included with the purchase. If these manuals arent provided when you buy it, ask the salesman to provide one. Increasingly the user manual is online, so that makes it easier to find the manual down the track. 

Make sure you remove all the packing inside the washing machine. Some machines also have transport locks, so release those as well. Familiarise yourself with the washing machine’s various controls and washing modes so you can use it to the best of its capabilities.

If there are any special settings or washing aids, learn about those too. Understanding how to properly operate your washing machine is a must if you want it to last for years.

Finally, look through any resources that include information on how to take care of your washing machine. For example, some manufacturers have advice sheets or videos you can access online. You may also find some suggestions on caring for your washing machine in its owner’s manual.


3) Use The right amount of Washing powder

Most washers are designed to work best with a specific amount of washing powder. This is listed on most washing powder containers, but if you’re unsure, it’s safer to use too little than too much – which could potentially damage your washing machine and cause limescale build-up. Check out our guide on what detergent works best with different washing machines here.

Using too much washing powder can also cause a limescale build-up in your pipes and lead to water waste, meaning you’ll need to replace filters more frequently. This can also lead to damage on a larger scale if you don’t fix it soon enough, as limescale can clog up pipes and damage washer parts.

4) Zip up and button up clothes

Another good tip to help increase your washing machines life is to make sure that zippers and buttons are secured. If they come loose, they could cause damage to your washing machine when they rub against it while you’re doing a load of laundry. In addition, some front-loading machines can also be damaged by abrasive material in them like metal studs in jeans.

So zip and button-up and save your clothes and your washing machine.

5) Avoid Overloading the Machine

Don’t overload your washer: If you have a top-loading washing machine, you may be tempted to throw as much in as possible. However, if you overload it with too many clothes or fabrics that are large or bulky, they could rub against each other and damage certain parts of your washing machine.

Instead, make sure that your load is balanced and then consider adding some items into a pillowcase so it fills out. An overloaded machine won’t get your clothes clean enough because there won’t be enough space between items to allow for good circulation. The more surface area of clothing that comes into contact with water, detergent, and agitation—the better!

2) Don’t leave stuff in your pockets

It’s a laundry no-no, but chances are you probably do it anyway. Do yourself (and your washer) a favour and empty out those pockets before tossing clothing into said washing machine.

In addition to getting lint all over everything, leaving in pocket items like change, pebbles or coins can actually damage your washer. The worst offenders?

Destroy Your washing machine with this

Washing machine destroying drill bit

See the accompanying photo of an impact drill attachment we had to rescue from a washing machine’s innards. Our service technician said that the drill bit could have totally ruined the insides of the washing machine, making it completely unrepairable! That’s an expensive wash!

So empty your pockets before putting clothes into your washing machine.