Appliance repairs near me

These days we’re all so intrinsically linked to our mobile phones that as soon as an appliance doesn’t work, we Google ‘appliance repairs near me’. Seems logical. You don’t even have to add where you live. If you’re in the Adelaide area, Google picks up on this and delivers results that are local for you.

But is there a better way to get your fridge, washing machine, tumble dryer or freezer back up and working, rather than searching for appliance repairs near me? If you live in Adelaide there is, which we’ll explain soon.

Put your phone down

put your phone down tyler oakleyThe first thing you should do when an appliance doesn’t work is put your phone down. Go on, it won’t kill you!

Get the manual out

Next, get out your appliance’s instruction manual. If you don’t have one or have thrown it away, you can likely find your manual online. This will probably involve picking up your phone again. Just remember to put it back down!

Try the basic troubleshooting. 

Look for the troubleshooting section in your manual. It will likely tell you first to make sure the appliance is plugged in and turned on. Trying another power point to ensure that’s not the issue can also be a good idea. Or plug a device you know works into your appliance’s power point.

After this, your manual will likely have other suggestions to try. For a fridge or freezer, ensure the thermostat hasn’t been accidentally turned down. Make sure the water is connected and turned on for the washing machine.

Now can I search for appliance repairs near me?

downloadAfter you’ve checked for simple items that you can do yourself, by all means start Googling for ‘appliance repairs near me’.

You’ll likely be presented with hundreds of options, all in the Adelaide area. So, how do you choose the best appliance repair business for you?

First, narrow your search by drilling down on your location. For example, you could use the Google business listings map to identify appliance repair businesses in your area, you could use Google’s location permission settings to help Google deliver results close to you, or you could type in your location on the end of your search (e.g. ‘appliance repairs near me Adelaide’).

Quickly check the first 10, 20 or even 30 search results.

Why this many? Chances are some of the results don’t provide the service you need. They may fix TVs or microwaves, not fridges and washing machines.  Look at the reviews for a business you think looks promising. For example, Google, Facebook, Word of Mouth and other sites. Don’t just look at the number of stars; check out what customers say.

Let appliance repairs come to you

Instead of searching for appliance repairs near me, why not just go direct to the source? 

Warradale Appliance Service specialises in repairing fridges, freezers, washing machines and tumble dryers. They have vast experience and offer good old-fashioned service.

You know, the type of service that was common when Yellow Pages was used instead of mobile phones to search for appliance repairs near me!

We’ll even come to you for a small call-out fee.  Phone us on 8296 3136.

Yes, that’s right, you can get your phone back out now!

Washing Machine Repairs

Typically a washing machine can be repaired for $150-$35