Second Hand Fridge For Sale

In the market for a used fridge?

Maybe old faithful has given up the ghost, or you’re thinking a cold beer might be nice while you are in the man shed. It might even be that a big function is approaching, and you’re trying to work out how to keep all the food and drinks cold without spending a fortune on ice. Either way, it’s going to be helpful if you’ve got a standby fridge that you can swing into action as the need arises.

Check out the used fridges in our showroom

Swing by Warradale Appliance Service and see what second-hand fridges we’ve got in stock in their showroom. These are good quality refrigerators that have been carefully checked over and certified by our in-house techs. In fact, we are so confident about how good they are, they come with a 3 month warranty

Second hand fridges are good value

The best part is that they cost way less than a new fridge, and there’s no shipping delays. If that’s the fridge you want then you can just take it then and there. If you don’t have a suitable vehicle or a trailer the boys will sort out a delivery for you. You’ll have your standby fridge home within the hour.

 We have refurbished fridges coming into our workshop all the time, so if we don’t have what you want today we’ll probably have it shortly.

These fridges may have been sold by the time you see this, but we’ll have lots of other good quality refurbished and warrantied fridges for sale when you need one.

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