Cut laundry costs. Reduce washing machine repairs

Amidst the financial challenges many Adelaide households encounter, the pressing issue of rising living costs looms large.

At Warradale Appliance Services, we not only excel in washing machine repairs but also have insights into optimising your washing machine’s efficiency. This allows us to present our essential tips to help you cut costs on your laundry.

Cutting costs in the laundry

  1. High energy rating.
    If you’re in the market for a new washing machine, choose one that has a high energy star rating. Front-loading machines are generally more efficient than top-loading ones, as they use less water and detergent. The initial investment in an energy-efficient machine will pay off over time through lower operating costs. 
  2. Use the right laundry detergent.
    Choose your laundry detergent wisely and for the type of washing machine (front loader or top loader) that you have. Recent testing by
    Choice showed that some detergents are no better than water alone. 
  3. Use the right amount of detergent.
    Never use more detergent than recommended on the label. It will not only cost you more in detergent but can result in extra rinsing cycles and a waste of water and power. Generally, you can use a little less than what the label recommends. 
  4. Don’t overload your washing machine
    Overloading your washing machine can lead to inefficient washing. It can also create wear and tear and likely lead to washing machine repairs down the track. Conversely, washing smaller loads consumes unnecessary resources. Find the right balance to optimise both water and energy use.
  5. Use cold water wash cycles
    Most laundry can be effectively cleaned in cold water. Heating water accounts for a significant portion of a washing machine’s energy use, so opting for cold washes can save both energy and money.
  6. Pre-Treat dirty clothes.
    Instead of using hot water or extra cycles to remove stubborn stains, pre-treat them. Allow the stain remover to work for a few minutes before putting the clothes in the machine.
  7. Spin the clothes dry
    Higher spin speeds during the final cycle help extract more water from the clothes. This is especially important if you use a dryer, as it will reduce the amount of drying time required. Although, if you really want to save money you should always use a clothesline or indoor clothes drying rack.
  8. Keep it clean
    Keep your washing machine in top shape by regularly cleaning the detergent drawer, drum and door seal. 
  9. Wash after hours
    If your machine has a delay start feature, consider using it to run the washer during off-peak hours. This will help you save on electricity costs. Alternatively, if you have solar, time the washing during the day when your panels are generating the most power.
  10. Check for leaks
    Periodically check for leaks, loose hoses, and damaged connections. This can not only prevent water waste and water damage to your laundry, but it can also reduce the potential for washing machine repairs. 
  11. Use eco-friendly settings.
    Most modern
    washing machines have eco-friendly or quick wash settings. Use these settings when appropriate to save water and energy – It’ll save money too!
  12. Check the manual.
    Read your machine’s manual as manufacturers often provide specific guidance on optimising the efficiency of their washing machines. Read the manual? Who would have thought of that!

Cutting the cost of washing machine repairs in Adelaide

There is one final tip for reducing costs in the laundry and that’s to reach out to professional washing machine repairs people if you do notice an issue. A relatively inexpensive repair today could allow you to get many years of carefree service, rather than having to throw out the machine and buy a new one.


And who are the professional washing machine repairs people to choose near you?

If you live south of Adelaide, near Marion, it’s got to be Warradale Appliance Service.

Give us a call on (08) 8296 3136.

You can bring your washing machine to us or we’ll come to you for a small call out fee.

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