Fridge repairs a hassle of the modern era

When your Adelaide refrigerator goes on the blink and you need fridge repairs, it only seems reasonable to bemoan your luck. However, when you consider the alternatives of our previous generations, needing to get your fridge repaired isn’t such a big issue.

When were refrigerators – and therefore the need for fridge repairs – invented. What did people do before fridges were commonplace?

Before there were refrigerators

Before refrigerators became commonplace, people relied on natural cooling methods to keep their food and drinks cold. In cold climates, pits would be dug in the ground and filled with snow or ice. Once filled with food, this was then covered with insulating materials, such as straw and sawdust. Or food was stored in cold water or directly on ice.

All well and good for Eskimos and Saint Nicholas, but not so good if you lived in Adelaide. The River Torrens may be cold in winter but less in warmer weather.

In ancient times (we’re talking well before Adelaide, the pie floater and fridge repairs were a thing), people kept food cool by:

  • Burying their food, particularly if you were lucky enough to have a bog nearby.
  • Used streams and other cold water sources.
  • Utilised caves.
  • Dug holes in the ground.
  • Stored food in wooden or clay containers.

Of course, we’re talking about a time when more people hunted or farmed their own meat and grew their own food. There was also more preservation of food by salting, smoking, pickling and drying.

As the modern world started to evolve, other methods were used to keep food cool. For example:

  • The icebox was invented in the early 1800s by American Thomas Moore. His first prototype was simply an oval cedar tub, with a tin container inside filled with ice.
  • The Coolgardie safe is proudly an Australian invention borne out of the need for gold miners in Coolgardie, WA, to keep food cold. Low-tech by today’s standards, it relied on evaporation.

Enter the refrigerator… And fridge repairs

The refrigerator that we know today started to take shape with the inventions of vapor compression and processes to liquify gas in the 1800s. Then, in 1913, the first electric fridge was invented.

Mass production of refrigerators began later that the same decade. In the late 1920s, it was common to see fridges inn private homes and the ‘craze’ spread from there.

We’re pretty sure that the need for fridge repairs soon followed!


Coolgardie Safe.

Coolgardie Safe. By Source: Museums Victoria – CC BY 4.0,

Fridge repairs in Adelaide

While the need for fridge repairs is a bit of a first-world problem, there’s no doubt it can be a hassle. However, if you live in Adelaide, Warradale Appliance Service can make it easy.

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