Fridge repairs as sure as rain in winter

The humble refrigerator is a modern marvel and has revolutionised the way we handle food at home. When you consider that before the invention of fridges, we relied on people to bring ice to our Adelaide homes, buried food in bogs or rivers, and used low-tech options such as the Coolgardie safe, we should all be thankful for electricity and fridges.

However, that doesn’t mean they are foolproof. Like any machine, fridges are prone to wear and tear over time, leading to various malfunctions. And leading to fridge repairs.

When your fridge starts acting up, timely repairs are crucial to ensure its optimal performance and prevent food spoilage. So, let’s explore the importance of fridge repairs and ways to keep your fridge working effectively for longer.


Why fridge repairs are necessary

While it might seem obvious why repairs are necessary when your fridge isn’t working, bear with us and we’ll try not to bore you!

Your refrigerator’s primary function is to keep food cool and, in the case of the freezer, frozen. This is important to note because if it’s not functioning correctly, your food can spoil and that leads to waste. With today’s cost of living pressures, that’s the last thing you need.

Perhaps even more importantly, however, a fridge that isn’t working effectively can be a health risk because of bacteria. This is particularly the case for items like meats, dairy, seafood, prepared salads and cooked food such as casseroles.

As explained on the Food Standards website, it’s important that these potentially hazardous foods be kept at 5 degrees Celsius or colder, or 60 degrees Celsius or hotter wherever possible. Most importantly, these foods can be safely between 5°C and 60°C provided it is between these temperatures for less than four hours.

Professional fridge repairs

While there are some things you can and should do if you notice your fridge isn’t working correctly (see our blog on The ABCs of Fridge Repairs in Adelaide), generally, you’re going to need to get repairs carried out. You could of course take it to your Uncle Bob who claims to be able to fix anything but has a junkyard-size collection of items that don’t work in the backyard, or you could seek a professional fridge repair person.

Professional repair technicians can diagnose and fix cooling issues, such as malfunctioning thermostats, faulty compressors, or refrigerant leaks. They can get your fridge back to working order and keeping your food cool, like it was designed to do.

Keep fridge repairs at bay.

If you hold onto your fridge for a lengthy period, eventually, fridge repairs are inevitable. However, regular maintenance will extend its life and ensure it keeps operating efficiently and effectively.

For example:

  • Clean the condenser coils regularly. These coils are generally on the rear of the fridge and can become covered with dirt, hair and other debris over time.
  • Check the door seal or gasket for signs of wear.
  • Inside your fridge, leave a little space around the vents. In fact, it’s a good idea to never overfill your fridge for optimum performance.
  • Maintain at least 25mm of space behind and to the sides of fridges.
  • Check the temperature of your fridge (most fridges allow temperatures to be adjusted). Around four degrees Celsius is good for your fridge, while your freezer should be set to around -20.

Fridge Repairs?

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