Fridge repairs in Adelaide. When and where you need it.

It’s the height of summer and in Adelaide that often means it can get mighty hot. It’s about the worst time for your fridge to break down and require repairs, but it’s also the most likely time for issues to arise.

In this blog, we’ll look at why summer is – dare we say it – a hot time for fridge repairs in Adelaide. We’ll also look at what you should do if your fridge does go on the blink.

Hot conditions are tough on fridges

As we highlighted above, summer can be a tough time for fridges and a peak time for fridge repairs. Here’s why:

Summer is tough on your fridge

Fridges need to work harder when temperatures rise.

This isn’t issue if your fridge is in good condition, but if it’s old or has underlying issues, the higher temperatures could be the final straw.

Extra stuff in your fridge

We often have more in our fridges during summer. Additional drinks to keep cold, extra ice to add to drinks and more food for parties and get-togethers.

Having extra in your fridge – and particularly overloading – can put additional stress on your fridge.

Summer Power Surges

Fridges can also be damaged by power surges during an Adelaide summer storm.

While not common, this will certainly require fridge repairs.

Who do you turn to in Adelaide for fridge repairs?

While Warradale Appliance Service, in the Adelaide suburb of Warradale, can’t control the temperature or the timing of your fridge issues, we can swiftly restore your appliance to working order. 

A Quick Fridge Check

Before phoning us next time you have an issue with your fridge, however, let’s explore some common fridge issues that you might be able to fix yourself:

Is it plugged in?

  • First and foremost, before calling a fridge repair person, ensure your fridge is plugged in, switched on, and receiving power.
  • If your fridge light illuminates when you open the door, you can safely rule out power issues. 

Thermostat setting?

If the fridge is running but not sufficiently cold, inspect the thermostat, usually located inside the fridge to confirm it hasn’t been accidentally adjusted to a warmer setting

Ait circulating?

Verify that air can circulate around the exterior of your fridge.

A modest gap of around 25mm around the back, sides and top is typically sufficient for most fridges.

Are fridge repairs the best option?

If your fridge does go on the blink, another thing to consider is whether it’s worth getting it repaired. There are two main factors to consider:

How old is your fridge

Age is the first one. Modern fridges typically last between six to 13 years, according to Choice. Generally, the better the quality of the fridge – and the more you paid for it – the longer it should last.

The type of problem

Another consideration, albeit more challenging for you to determine, is the nature of the problem. Regardless of age, most fridges are worth repairing if it’s a minor issue like a worn door seal or a faulty thermostat.

However, if the problem is major, and your fridge is approaching its expiration date, investing in a new one is likely the wiser choice.

Fridge Repairs.

Speak to one of our fridge technicians.

If the issue persists, it’s time to reach out to your friendly Adelaide fridge repair experts – that’s us! Give Warradale Appliance Service a call on (08) 8296 3136 and we’ll get your fridge back in working condition quickly.

You can either bring your fridge to us or, for a small call out free, we can come to you.