Fridge repairs you can do yourself.

If you’re of a certain age you’ll probably remember a fridge in your family home, or your grandparent’s home, that was over 20 years old and, in some cases, much older.

These days, it’s unlikely your fridge will last that long. In fact, around 13 years is all you can expect and that’s for a good quality fridge. That doesn’t mean you should throw your fridge out at the first sign of an issue. In this post, we’ll look at the most common fridge issues. The good news is that you may be able to fix some of them yourself.

9 common fridge issues


Not cold enough

The single most common issue is a fridge that’s not cold enough. It could be a fault – and fridge repairs may be required – but you should first check a few things. Start by making sure the fridge is getting power. You can check the powerpoint by simply opening the door and seeing if the light comes on.

Check the temperature setting

Once you’ve checked the power, make sure the temperature dial inside the fridge is set on a cooler setting. The setting can sometimes get knocked.

Airflow is important

Also ensure there’s plenty of air flow around the outside of your fridge.

Blocked vents

Another quick fix issue that can cause your fridge not to stay cool is blocked vents inside your fridge and freezer. Fridges rely on these vents to operate correctly. Locate the vents and ensure there is nothing blocking the airflow.

fridge condenserClean the Condenser

Similarly, you need to keep the condenser coils on your fridge reasonably clean. These can be found behind most fridges, or underneath, and look like a snaking network of pipes. Give them a vacuum or a wipe down with a cloth to see if this makes your fridge cooler.

Wrong location?

While not common in a well-designed kitchen, sometimes fridges are simply placed in the wrong location. For example, next to an oven or dishwasher. If it’s your second fridge, it might be in a hot garage or outside in the sun. Even an extremely cold environment isn’t good for a fridge, although this isn’t likely to be an issue in Adelaide.

Keep your fridge on the level

Keeping your fridge level – side to side – is important. While this is less of an issue in most kitchens, it could be a reason for your second fridge to be operating inefficiently.

Worn or damaged seals

Then there are items that will likely see you calling the nearest fridge repair people. Starting with gaskets or the seals between the doors and the body of your fridge and freezer. These can also cause cooling and inefficiency issues, so check these seals thoroughly to look for wear.


Equipment such as the condenser fan motor, evaporator fan (if installed) and control panels on most newer fridges can also cause issues. These are items that you’ll need help with and will require fridge repairs… Or a new fridge if yours is getting old.

Fridge repairs near you – Warradale Appliance Service

If your fridge is playing up and you’ve checked the things above, it’s time to call Warradale Appliance Service on 8296 3136.

We’ll help you make a diagnosis over the phone and if you then decide to go ahead with fridge repairs, you can bring the fridge to us or we’ll come to you for a small call-out-fee.

Need a Fridge Repaired?

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