History of washing machines… And washing machine repairs!

What is the greatest invention of the industrial revolution? The steam engine? The locomotive? The electric generator? Well, we reckon it might have been the domestic washing machine.

What might surprise you is that washing machines were invented a long time ago, but what shouldn’t surprise is that the need for washing machine repairs soon followed!

A brief history of washing machines

While Adelaide residents now take washing machines for granted, back before they were invented people washed their clothes by hand. It was an arduous and time-consuming job, which could take hours to complete.

There was no shortage of people trying to invent a better method. Items such as a scrub board reduced the time involved a little and the first machines appeared in the later half of the 1700’s. Significant development took place in the mid-1800s. However, it wasn’t until electricity and running water became commonplace that even larger developments took place.

The first electric washing machine was invented in the early 1900’s and spin dryers started replacing manual wringers in the 1930’s. The first domestic automatic washing machine surfaced in 1937 and wasn’t that dissimilar to today’s machines in the way it operated. 

Domestic washing machines soon became commonplace in homes throughout the world, including in Adelaide.

vintage washing machine

Goern’s Vacuum Washer

Common washing machine repairs in Adelaide

You can bet that as soon as the first washing machine was invented, washing machine repairs were required. Granted, repairing wringers and hand-powered drums would be a bit different to the repairs required to today’s modern washing machines, but the philosophy is still the same. Get the repairs done as quickly as possible so the homeowner can get on with washing their clothes!

These days if you need washing machine repairs in Adelaide, chances are the issue is one of the following:

  • Your washing machine is vibrating
  • There is a leak
  • It’s noisy
  • Your washing machine won’t drain
  • Detergent isn’t dispensing
  • Your washing machine is smelly
  • It simply won’t operate at all

Easy fixes for your washing machine

The good news is that some of these things can be easy to fix and some you can fix yourself.

For example, if your washing machine is smelly you should give your machine a good clean. Start by running your machine while empty, using your normal detergent on the hottest cycle. Then manually remove any deposits that remain with hot soapy water, a soft cloth or sponge, and even an old toothbrush to get into difficult-to-access spots.

We can help with your washing machine repairs

For other issues, once you’ve double-checked simple things (e.g. that your washing machine is plugged in and the water supply connected properly), it’s time to call the repair people. If you live in Adelaide, that means phoning Warradale Appliance Service on (08) 8296 3136.

Located in the Adelaide suburb of Warradale, our team specialises in washing machine repairs and repairing refrigerators, freezers and tumble dryers. In general, if your unit is less than 11 years old, then it’s worth having washing machine repairs carried out.

Once your washing machine is repaired, you’ll likely have years of trouble-free washing to look forward to. You won’t have to contemplate returning to old-school scrub boards or manual wringers!