Looking for fridge repairs people near you? Just ‘WAS’ it!

In a modern world where words like PM (private message), FOMO (fear of missing out) and IMHO (in my humble opinion) are becoming part of the vernacular, here is another abbreviation to remember. If you’re looking for fridge repairs people in Adelaide, just WAS it.

WAS or Warradale Appliance Service as we prefer to be called, are the people to call if you need fridge repairs in the Adelaide area. Not just fridge repairs, mind you. We’re also the people for washing machine, tumble dryer and freezer repairs. Plus, we sell second-hand whitegoods, such as fridges, washing machines and freezers.

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What do you do if your fridge stops working?

If your fridge does stop working, don’t just SMH (shake my head) or for that matter ROFL (roll on the floor laughing). Also, it’s not quite time to find your nearest fridge repairs people. Before you do that:

  • Check the power and look to see if the fridge light comes on.
    Make sure your fridge is properly plugged in. Also check that it’s not the outlet that’s causing the issue, by trying another outlet or trying another appliance in the plug where your fridge is normally getting electricity from.
  • Check the temperature settings, particularly if the fridge is simply not cold enough or too cold.
    It’s easy enough to bump the temperature gauge that most fridges come with.
  • Trying cleaning the coils at the back of the fridge, which can get clogged with dust and debris.
    Use a vacuum or a brush to gently clean the coils.
  • Lastly, check the door seals.
    The door seals will wear over time and can be damaged. You will need to get the door seals replaced if there’s an issue – a job for fridge repairs people – but at least you’ll know what the issue is.

Contact fridge repairs people now?

Is now the time to contact your nearest fridge repairs people? Not yet. By the time you get your fridge repaired, all the food and drinks in your fridge and freezer will have spoiled, and you’ll have thrown away hundreds of dollars of food.

Here are some tips for cool alternatives:

  • Leave your fridge and freezer closed as much as possible. The Food Safety Information Council say that food can remain safe in your fridge without power for at least two hours. In the freezer, it can be between one and two days. Giving you time to find alternatives.
  • If you have a second fridge or freezer, an esky or a camping fridge, use those.
  • A laundry sink or bathtub can provide a good temporary alternative.
  • Grab plenty of bags of ice to use in your esky, bathtub or whichever alternatives you choose.
  • Work out which food you can safely remove from your fridge (things like bread and eggs will be fine in the pantry), which will be reasonably safe (e.g. fruit and vegetables) and which will need using or cooling straight away. This will help you prioritise.

Now is it time to call?

With your food and drink safe, now is the time to call the fridge repairs people near you. Which if you live in Adelaide, and particularly the southern parts of Adelaide, is Warradale Appliance Service. Or WAS if you prefer.

If you like, you can bring your fridge into us and we’ll take care of it in our workshop. However, we also have a call-out service for a small fee. Give us a call on 8296 3136.

GTG (got to go). TBBH (to be brutally honest) we’ve got other fridges to repair!