New washing machine? Repairs are the last thing on your mind

If you’re in the market for a new washing machine, there’s possibly a list of ‘wants’ you might be considering, but reliability and future washing machine repairs might not be amongst your thoughts.

The good news is that getting all your wants and reliability in the one machine is possible with a bit of smart shopping.

Washing machine features

Let’s face it, this is the 21st century and gone are the days when people washed their clothes in a river or by using a wringer washing machine (it’s a thing, look it up on Google!). These days there are a variety of features that make washing more efficient and effective, and less tiresome.

Here are a list of features you may look for in a washing machine:


Washing machine capacity is really important, particularly if you have a large family as you’ll either end up overloading a small-capacity washing machine or running it continuously to keep up. If in doubt, it’s often better to buy a machine with a slightly larger capacity.

Front or Top Loader?

Do you want a front loading washing machine or a top loading? The differences aren’t just a matter of where you put your clothes and detergent.

In general, front load washing machines use less water, have higher spin speeds so dry clothes more effectively, can feature a higher capacity and can save space because you can put your clothes dryer or other items on top.

Top load washers generally have shorter wash times, are less expensive and are more reliable. They also have fewer wash programs than front load washing machines, which can either be a pro or con, depending on your needs.

Energy Rating

Energy ratings are all important these days. For washing machines, it’s a simple system of stars that quickly show you how energy-efficient a machine is. The more stars the better.

Other Features

Other features and technology abound in modern washing machines, including

  • auto-sensing water level
  • out of balance correction
  • anti-crease
  • extra rinse
  • wi-fi connectivity – really!?
  • and more.

Gimmicks or lifesavers? It really depends on you. Some of these features you may find valuable while some you may never use.

Reliability equals less washing machine repairs

The other thing you should look for when buying a new washing machine is reliability. While it is easy to overlook, because every machine comes with a warranty, rest assured that the warranty period soon passes.

In the end, buying a washing machine that’s not reliable will be a nuisance and possibly lead to expensive washing machine repairs.

How do you know which washing machines are more reliable? As mentioned, top loaders are generally more reliable, but don’t let that put you off a front loader, particular if the features of a front loader suit you.

Choosing a reliable washing machine

So, how do you choose a reliable washing machine? Here at Warradale Appliance Service we know a thing or two about washing machines and washing machine repairs, and we do continually keep up with our research too.

Currently, Whirlpool, LG and Samsung are the most reliable brands to choose. These brands also rate highly for customer satisfaction, so they appear to be reliable in more ways than one.

Want to know more about washing machines and washing machine repairs? Call Warradale Appliance Service on 8296 3136 or pop into our store at 253 Diagonal Road in Warradale.

Washing Machine Repairs

Typically a washing machine can be repaired for $35- $150