Save money while washing clothes

With cost of living pressures ever present, more and more Adelaide people are looking for ways to reduce expenses. So, how can you make your dollar go further when washing your clothes? There are variety of things you can do, including looking at second hand washing machines when you’re next in the market for a new one.

How much does it cost to run a washing machine?

According to the comparison website Canstar Blue, it can cost anywhere from 5 cents a load up to 67 cents.

Why such a large range? The actual cost for a load of washing will depend on a range of factors, including:

  • the type of washing machine
  • washing machine capacity
  • efficiency
  • cycle settings and
  • water temperature.

Tips for reducing washing machine costs

Hot or Cold wash

Whether you use hot or cold water for your washing is the biggest factor when it comes to running costs. For example, a 5kg 1.5 star front loader will cost an average of $72 a year for a warm cycle, $41 for half warm, half cold, and only $10 a year for all cold. So, use cold water where appropriate.

Front-load washing machines are cheaper to run.

If you’re buying a new washing machine, front loaders are cheaper to run because they use less water.

Load Sensing Technology.

If you’re in the market for a new washing machine, look for ‘load sensing technology’ as a product feature. This clever feature will ensure the amount of water used will suit your load size and likely save you from putting too much expensive water into each wash.

No small loads.

Try not to wash small loads. Obviously, three large loads of washing a week are going to cost less than six smaller loads.

Check the machine’s energy rating.

When purchasing a washing machine, look for the energy rating label and buy one with the highest rating you can afford. Also, choose one with the capacity that suits your needs.

Second-hand washing machines are cheaper

Running costs of washing machines are important, but so is the purchase price. When in the market for a new unit in Adelaide, check out second hand washing machines. The money you save on the purchase is potentially far more than you can save in running costs.

If it’s broken, don’t just replace it 

If your washing machine goes on the blink, don’t automatically replace it. Getting washing machine repairs carried out can make good sense, particularly if your washing machine is less than 11 years old (the average lifespan).

Second-hand washing machines and repairs in Adelaide

If you’re in the market for a second washing machine, or your machine needs to be repaired, look no further than Warradale Appliance Service.

We have an excellent reputation for carrying out first-class repairs on white goods. This includes washing machines, as well as fridges, freezers and dryers. With the average washing machine repairs in the range of $150 to $350, if your machine is relatively new it will likely be better to have repairs carried out than getting rid of it for a new machine.

While white good repairs are our bread and butter, Warradale Appliance Service also sells second-hand whitegoods, including washing machines. To see a selection of some of the second-hand washing machines we have for sale, come into our store at 253 Diagonal Road in Warradale to view what we have available.

Washing Machine Repairs

Typically a washing machine can be repaired for $150-$350