Second Hand Fridges Worth Considering

What if your current fridge has gone on the blink, is too costly to repair, and you can’t afford or justify a new fridge? Well, say hello to second-hand fridges.

Purchase a good quality one and you’ll have a nice warm feeling while your food and drinks will be chilled to the core for many years to come!

To repair or replace?

Back in November last year we published a story on The ABCs of Fridge Repairs in Adelaide. In that article, we highlighted that often it is worthwhile getting your fridge repaired, rather than getting a new (or second hand) one. For example, you should look at getting your fridge repaired if:

  • It’s not too old. You can expect to get around six years from a budget-level fridge, nine years with a mid-range and 13 years from an expensive refrigerator.
  • If your fridge has a simple issue, like a worn or damaged door seal or a faulty thermostat, getting it repaired usually makes sense.

 If in doubt, and you live in the Adelaide area, Warradale Appliance Service can take a look at your fridge and advise you on whether it’s worth getting repaired.

Why a second hand fridge is worth a look

As we said in the intro, even if your old fridge isn’t worth repairing, it doesn’t mean you need to spend big bucks on a new model. There are several reasons why it’s worth considering second hand:

  • Cost is obviously the prime reason. You could save hundreds of dollars by choosing a second hand fridge instead of a new one.
  • When you buy a second hand fridge for your Adelaide home, you are doing your bit to keep items that still have value from going to landfill.
  • Second hand doesn’t necessarily mean second rate. The key is to buy from a reputable dealer who you can trust.

Buying a second-hand fridge in Adelaide

How do you make sure the second hand fridge you have your eye on isn’t second rate?

If you buy from an online advertising service, from an individual or from a dealer who isn’t reputable, you can never be sure of the history of the machine and if something goes wrong early on you generally have lost your money. It’s highly unlikely the machine has been refurbished and, as for a warranty, forget it.

If you live in the Adelaide area and you are looking for a second hand fridge, don’t head online, go to Warradale and the Warradale Appliance Centre. When you purchase a second fridge from us, you can be assured you’re buying a quality product. We refurbish all the fridges for sale in the centre. Most also come with a warranty to give you peace of mind.

We generally have a good range of second hand fridges to choose from and you can see some of these on our website.

Remember, also, that we don’t just sell second hand fridges from our Adelaide store. We also have a range of second hand washing machines that are expertly refurbished and ready for many years of good service.