Second hand white goods not necessarily second best

If your fridge, freezer or washing machine has died and is too old or not worth repairing, the immediate urge is to get online or visit a store to replace it with a new one.

But before you do, particularly if you live in Adelaide, give a thought to purchasing second-hand white goods. While many consider second-hand to be second best, it’s not necessarily the case.

The benefit of buying second-hand white goods in Adelaide

While there are several benefits in buying second hand, the big one is money.

With the cost of living going through the roof at the moment, it’s nice to know that buying second hand white goods is one way you can save your hard-earned.

How much you can save will depend on a range of factors, but suffice to say that it will be hundreds of dollars. In many cases, you will pay half or less compared with new white goods.

Here are some other benefits of buying second hand white goods:

Get a Better Machine

Because of the money saved from buying second white goods, you may be able to purchase a better machine that you otherwise could have. It may have more features, be higher quality, be larger or simply suit your needs more than a new machine of comparable cost.

It’s a green choice

Buying a second-hand washing machine or fridge will save it from potentially being sent to landfill.
Its your personal small contribution to saving our planet.

Some of our Second Hand Machines 

Second Hand Machines

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New machines coming in regularly

You do need to be careful about where you buy your second-hand white goods (more on this below). If you are, you can expect to buy a reliable machine that will give you many good years of service. Often a reliable supplier will provide a warranty for second-hand machines – We certainly do!

Are there any negatives to look out for?

The biggest risk of buying second-hand white goods, particularly if you use an online shopping site like eBay or Gumtree, is you never really know what you’re getting. You’ve no idea of the history of the fridge, freezer or washing machine, and don’t know if it’s been used appropriately and cared for. Plus, if it does let you down early on, you’ve likely got no recourse.

You can mitigate this risk by buying from a reputable dealer (more on this below) and doing some basic research on the second-hand white good you are considering purchasing.

For example, an important consideration is to know the age and quality (budget, mid-level or high-end) of the machine, so you know how long it’s likely to last. If it’s a washing machine, for example, you can expect to get up to 11 years use. For a fridge, it’s up to 13 years.

Purchase second-hand white goods from a reputable dealer

As we mentioned, if you’re looking to buy second-hand white goods, particularly in Adelaide, it’s best to use a reputable dealer. You can then be assured – or at least expect – that the machine has been checked completely. You should also ask if the machine has been refurbished and if it comes with a warranty.

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Note: If you do live in the Adelaide area and are on the market for second-hand white goods (fridge, freezer or washing machine), check out the range available from Warradale Appliance Service. All our products are refurbished and most come with a warranty for peace of mind.