Strange but true stories about fridge repairs

Like any fridge repairs people, Warradale Appliance Service has its share of strange but true stories that have left us bemused. However, we won’t publish these stories in our blogs to protect our customers and their pride!

But we’re a determined lot here at Warradale Appliance Service, so for the sake of knowledge – and to have a laugh – we’ve been able to search the globe for these strange but true stories about the challenges that fridge repairs people have encountered.

Having a laugh at fridge repairs

Lost keys in the fridge!

A fridge repairs technician was called to a home because the fridge wasn’t cooling properly. Upon inspection, the technician found a set of car keys lodged in the refrigerator’s cooling fan. The homeowner had been looking for their keys for days and had no idea how they ended up in the fridge.

Frozen to the floor

A family complained their fridge had become excessively heavy, making it difficult to move. When the technician arrived, they discovered that an ice build-up had expanded so much that it had literally fused the fridge to the floor. It took hours to safely defrost and free the fridge.

The fridge is a home for mice

A homeowner reported a strange noise coming from their fridge. When the fridge repairs people arrived, they found the noise was coming from the ice maker, but the ice maker had been disconnected for years. It turned out that a family of mice had set up a nest inside the unused part of the fridge.

Too much magnetism

A fridge technician received a call from a frustrated homeowner who claimed that their fridge door wouldn’t stay closed. Upon inspection, the technician found an abundance of souvenir magnets stuck to the fridge’s exterior. Not particularly unusual, but the quantity of magnets in this case were interfering with the door’s seal, causing it to pop open.

Feeding the street

A homeowner complained that food kept disappearing from their fridge. While they suspected a family member was eating the food secretly, this wasn’t the case. More to the point, it wasn’t their family that was stealing the food. It was a family of racoons who were raiding the fridge at night through a faulty door seal. We’re not sure how they were getting inside the house in the first place!

Home to a hamster

Before calling the fridge repairs people, one of our general recommendations is to check a fridge’s cooling coils just in case a blockage is causing performance issues. As was the case when a technician turned up to a customer’s home. Unlike most fridges, however, it wasn’t dust and debris that was blocking the coils, it was an escaped hamster who had found the coils to be an inviting nest.

cat in fridge

Make us your fridge repairs people

If you live in Adelaide and are having issues with your fridge, call the experts in Warradale Appliance Service.

We can even make call outs for a small fee. We’ll arrive at your home with all the necessary tools to get your fridge up and running. And, after reading the last two stories, we may even bring along a pet cage just in case!

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