The ABCs of Fridge Repairs in Adelaide

It’s pretty much guaranteed that your Adelaide fridge will go on the blink when you least expect it and can least afford it. A few days before a birthday party for your youngest, just before you’re about to leave for a holiday, or a week before Christmas.

While Warradale Appliance Service in the Adelaide suburb of Warradale can’t do anything about the timing of your fridge needing repairs, we can get your fridge back up and running quickly. But before we look more at how we can do this, let’s look at the ins-and-outs of fridges and help you decide whether it’s worth getting your fridge repaired or whether you should buy a new one.

fridge repairs

Before you hit the panic button

To save you the embarrassment of a fridge repair person telling you there’s actually nothing wrong with your fridge, it’s wise to do some simple checks before you pick up the phone:

  • Firstly, and most obviously, make sure your fridge is plugged in, is switched on and is getting power. You could move your fridge away from the wall to check, but if your fridge light is on when you open the door you can safely rule this out as the issue.
  • If your fridge is working but not cold enough, check the thermostat. This is the controlling device, generally located inside your fridge, that allows you to adjust the temperature. Make sure it hasn’t been turned to a warmer setting accidentally.
  • Make sure air can circulate around the outside of your fridge. It doesn’t need to be a lot – as little as 25mm around the back, sides and top will usually do on newer models.

After these simple checks, it may be time to phone your friendly Adelaide fridge repairs people (i.e. that’s us!).

Fridge repairs or new fridge?

Before you do pick up the phone, you may want to consider whether you are better off getting fridge repairs carried out, or to buy a new fridge.

Age is one of the factors to look at. While our parents probably had a fridge that lasted for 20 years or more, chances are the fridge you’ve got won’t last that long. According to Choice, you can expect to get around six to 13 years from a fridge.

Quality is, of course, another factor. The lower life expectancy of around 6 years is for a budget or entry-level fridge. A mid-range is around 9 years and you can expect a higher-end fridge to last for 13 years.

Another thing to consider, which is more difficult for you to determine, is what’s wrong with the fridge. If it’s simply a worn or damaged door seal or a faulty thermostat, most fridges are worth repairing no matter how old they are. If it’s something more major, however, and your fridge is nearing its use-by-date, then buying a new fridge is most likely your best option.


Fridge Repairs

In most cases $150 to $350 should get your faulty fridge going again.

Fridge repairs in Adelaide

Warradale Appliance Service is your go-to business for all fridge repairs in Adelaide. We also repair washing machines, freezers and tumble dryers.

Once you’ve conducted the simple checks listed above, such as making sure the power is on, give us a call on 8296 3136. We can help you make a diagnosis of the issue over the phone and provide advice.

Then, if you want us to go ahead with repairs or have the unit checked out, you can bring your fridge to us in Warradale or we’ll come to you for a small call-out-fee.

Fridge repairs in Adelaide? There’s really only one choice!