The checks to do that may save washing machine repairs in Adelaide

If your washing machine isn’t running correctly, most washing machine repair businesses in Adelaide will advise you to call them straight away. But at Warradale Appliance Service, we’re a bit different.

Our good old-fashioned customer service is something we do rather than just say, so we always advise our customers to check a few things before getting their machine in for repair.

What are these simple things that can not only save you hassles, but also save you money? Read on to find out.

Things to check before organising washing machine repairs

Here’s a checklist of things to examine before calling a washing machine repairs business:

1. Is it plugged in?

First and foremost, ensure your washing machine is properly plugged into a working
power outlet and is getting power. A loose plug or a tripped circuit breaker could be
the simple reason your machine won’t start. Try plugging another device into the
outlet to confirm it’s working.

2. Is the water connected & turned on?

For a washing machine to function, it must be connected to a water supply so make
sure your machine is connected and the tap or taps are on. Occasionally, sediment
can clog the inlet hoses, so it’s also a good idea to detach them and check for any

3. Check the lid switch

Most top-loading washing machines have a lid switch that must be engaged for the
machine to operate. If the lid isn’t properly closed, or if the switch is faulty, the
machine won’t start. Listen for a click when you close the lid. If you don’t hear it, the
switch might be broken and need replacement. Similarly, for front-loaders, the
door must be closed for the machine to operate.

4. Check the drain hose

A washing machine that won’t drain properly could have a clogged or kinked drain
hose. Ensure the hose is not twisted or bent. You can also detach the hose to check
for blockages and clear any debris you find.

5. Is it an unbalanced load?

If your machine is working but shaking excessively or stopping mid-cycle, it could
simply be an unbalanced load. If your machine is vibrating or making loud noises,
pause the cycle and redistribute the clothes evenly in the drum. Avoid overloading
the machine as well, as this can strain the motor and other components.

6. Check the filters

Some washing machines have filters that catch lint and small objects. Over time, this
filter can become clogged, affecting the machine’s performance. Refer to your
machine’s manual to locate and clean the filter. Regular maintenance of the filter can
prevent many common issues.

7. Check the washing machine manual

The above point is a great reminder to check your manual. Most manuals will include
a troubleshooting section that can also help you solve problems that you can fix
yourself without washing machine repairs.

8. Check the washing cycle

Sometimes, the problem can be as simple as selecting the wrong cycle. Double-
check your settings to ensure they match the type of load you’re washing.
9. Some machines have a delay start feature, which can be mistakenly activated,
causing the machine to not start immediately.

10. Check the door seal

If your front-loading machine is leaking, check the door seal. The door seal is crucial
to prevent leaks and ensure the door locks properly. While a worn door seal will
likely see you calling for the nearest washing machine repairs business, it’s a good
reminder to inspect the seal regularly and clean it to maintain a good seal and
prevent mould growth.

11. Check for error codes

Modern washing machines often display error codes when something goes wrong
(see the Samsung website as an example). These codes can provide valuable clues
about the issue. Refer to your machine’s manual or the manufacturer’s website to
decode any error messages and follow the recommended troubleshooting steps.

12. Try a reset

Sometimes, like a computer or mobile phone, all your washing machine needs is a
reset. Unplug the machine for a few minutes, then plug it back in. This can
sometimes clear minor electronic glitches and restore normal operation.

Here’s the washing machine repairs business to call

If all these checks don’t fix the issue and you live in the southern Adelaide area, the washing machine repairs business for you to contact is Warradale Appliance Service.

Phone us on (08) 8296 3136 and we’ll get your washing machine back up and working as quickly as

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