Turning a Cold Shoulder to Fridge Repairs

On average, Adelaide homeowners open and close their fridges (or leave them open in the case of some kids!) over 20 times a day. And even though we use our fridges this many times, most of us don’t give it a second thought, until we need fridge repairs.

Fridge repairs make sense

As we discussed in a recent blog about The ABCs of Fridge Repairs in Adelaide, repairing a fridge, rather than tossing it out at the first sign of trouble, makes perfect sense. However, it makes even more sense to look after your fridge to delay the need for repairs.

In this blog, we’ll highlight some simple ways you can look after your fridge so it won’t let you down when you most need it.

8 tips to care for your fridge

Close the Fridge Door!

Given our dig at children and their propensity to leave fridge doors open, our first tip shouldn’t come as any surprise. Always close your fridge door as soon as you can. This will prevent your fridge from working harder, keep your food cold and save on energy costs.

Research has shown that it’s better to open and close your fridge door multiple times rather than keep it open, for example, to put groceries away.

Check Your Fridge

Inspect your door seal around the entire fridge now and again to look for cracking, lack of flexibility and any section that is coming away from the fridge.

Let the Fridge Breathe

Keep the vents that are inside your fridge reasonable clear. This will help cool air to pass through as it’s designed to do. Blocking the vents can make the fridge work harder than it needs to.

Give it Space

Keep an adequate distance between the fridge and walls on both sides and the back. A gap of at least 25mm (or an inch) will help your fridge dispense heat.

Clean Behind Your Fridge

Move your fridge away from the wall occasionally and give the rear a good clean, particularly the condenser coils. Over time, dirt, hair and other debris can cover the coils and lead to inefficiency.

Level Your Fridge

Make sure you keep your fridge reasonably level. It’s normal to have a slight lean from front to back, as this helps to ensure the door closes, but check the level from side to side and adjust if necessary.

Set the right temperature 

Set the temperature of your fridge and freezer appropriately to ensure they’re not working harder than they need. Around 4 degrees Celsius for your fridge and -20 for your freezer is about right.

Don’t Overfill Your Fridge

Don’t overfill your fridge but always have at least a few items inside it. Fridges need thermal mass to maintain their low temperatures.

fridge repairs

Fridge Repair?


2nd Hand Fridges

We also have a selection of 2nd hand fridges in stock if you are looking for a backup refrigerator.

Keep one of our Refurbished and Warrantied second-hand fridges on hand in reserve for events at home or if disaster strikes.

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Fridge repairs in Adelaide? We can help

At the end of the day, no fridge is going to last forever. Even if you do care for it diligently. So at some stage in your fridge’s life, it will need some running repairs.

If you live near Marion, there’s no need to panic. Just pick up the phone and call Warradale Appliance Service on 8296 3136 to speak to one of our service technicians.

In most cases, we can get your fridge back up and running again for between $150 to $350. We can even come to your Adelaide home to conduct fridge repairs for a small call-out fee.