All you need to know about Washing Machine Repairs

It’s a Saturday afternoon and with a massive pile of school, work and sports clothes to wash and get ready for another week. The last thing you need is for your washing machine to break down. But it does.

While you can race around to your Mum’s to get through the washing backlog for now, you need to do something soon. Should you get your washing machine repaired, or is it better to simply buy a new one?

Well, before you do go out a buy a new washing machine, here’s a bit of news that may surprise you.

The cost for washing machine repairs may be less than you think and, unless your washing machine is on its last legs, getting it repaired can make good sense.

Washing machine repairs

Caught out by your washing machine going on the blink?

How much does washing machine repairs cost?

If you’re looking for a single, definitive cost, you’re going to be disappointed. That’s because like repairs to any item, it will depend on what is wrong. While washing machines are relatively simple devices in essence, operated by belts, pulleys, a tub, a motor, pump and seals, newer models can be far more complex. Today’s washing machines feature computer technology to help you wash clothes effectively, and this can sometimes make machines more difficult to fix. However, what we can say here at Warradale Appliance Service, is that you should expect to pay somewhere in the range of $150 to $350. From our experience, this covers most repairs and should get your machine back up and running for several hassle-free years.

Washing Machine Repairs

Typically a washing machine can be repaired for $150-$35

How long do washing machines last?

One of the key factors in deciding whether it’s better to go out and buy another washing machine, or get your current machine fixed, is its age. While it wasn’t uncommon for washing machines in the 20th Century to last 30 years or even more, today’s modern machines simply aren’t designed to last that long. In fact, according to HowStuffWorks, if you get 11 years from your washing machine that’s about the average lifespan. This is also dependant on how much you use your washing machine. If you use your washing machine every day, the 11 year lifespan is likely to be about right. If you use it every second day you should be able to get much more than 11 years from your machine.   Another important factor is how you use your washing machine. Whether you use light or recommended load sizes, or whether you cram your machine to overcapacity on a regular basis.

‘Green’ washing machine repairs

The other thing to consider when tossing up about washing machine repairs or whether to get a new item is the environment. Because if you toss out a washing machine that has many good years left in it after repairs are carried out, it’s not a good thing.

As a general rule of thumb, if you have looked after your washing machine by not overloading it, you use it for around seven loads of washing a week and it’s well under 11-years-old, washing machine repairs are worth it. It’s the best thing for the environment and makes good sense for your budget.

Washing machine repairs – Warradale Appliance Service

Warradale Appliance Service, located in the Adelaide suburb of Warradale, specialises in washing machine repairs, as well as repairs of refrigerators, freezers and tumble dryers.

If you’re tossing up whether to repair your old machine, buy a new one or buy one of our warrantied second hand washing machining machines ring John and Russell on 8296 3136. They’ll help you with advice on your best options.

For honest, good old fashion customer service at a reasonable price, John and Russell from Warradale Appliance Service are the people you can trust.