White good repairs – Leave it to the Professionals

When it comes to repairs to your fridge, freezer or washing machine, there are a few ways you can go about it, however, there is really only one smart way.

For example, your first option may be to call that family member or friend who is a bit of a DIYer. Let’s call him Uncle Frank for the sake of this blog. He claims to be able to fix anything, although you haven’t seen any proof to back up this lofty declaration.

Another option may be look online, or in the local newspaper, for a general handyman. These people seem to have a lot of diverse skills, so fridge, freezer or washing machine repairs shouldn’t be an issue for them, should it?

Then again, you could have a go at the repairs yourself. As long as you remove the plug so you know the power is off, what could go wrong?

Fridge, freezer and washing machine repairs are a specialised job

Apart from some simple things you can do (see section below), when it comes to fridge repairs, freezer repairs or washing machine repairs, you should call in the experts. That is the people who are trained and have experience in working with white goods.

Here are the reasons why white goods repairs should be left with the professionals:

Trained & Experienced Service Professionals 

As mentioned above, white goods repair specialists have the training and experience to do the job, unlike Uncle Frank!

Ensure Your White Goods are in Good Hands

You have the reassurance that your expensive and valuable assets are being handled by people who know the equipment, inside and out.

Your Machine Might Come Back Worse  

If you use someone without the training and experience, it can come back to bite you. Not only is it unlikely they’ll fix the issue, there’s always a chance they’ll make matters worse or cause further problems.

Sound Advice from Experts

Experienced fridge, freezer and washing machine repairers will be able to give you sound advice. For example, they’ll be able to you help you decide if your white good should be or can be repaired.

Any other issues?

While undertaking repairs, fridge, freezer and washing machine professionals can check for any other concerns.

Sourcing a Replacement 

If your white good can’t be repaired, specialists can help advise on the purchase of a second hand or new replacement.

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Washing Machine & Fridge Repairs

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Fridge, freezer, washing machine repairs in Adelaide? 

So, who are you going to call if your fridge, freezer or washing machine goes on the blink? Uncle Frank, or Russell and John from Warradale Appliance Service? 

Russell and John know white goods inside and out and have many years of experience undertaking repairs. They also pride themselves on providing good, old fashioned customer service. Their prices are very reasonable too.

In addition, if your fridge, freezer or washing machine can’t be fixed, Warradale Appliance Service has a range of second-hand white goods in stock. All are refurbished by our team and many come with a warranty for peace of mind.

If you live in the Adelaide area, call Warradale Appliance Service on 8296 3136 get your white goods repaired.

What can you do if your fridge, freezer or washing machine stops working?

While you should never undertake repairs to your fridge, freezer or washing machine yourself, there are some things you can do before contacting the professionals. For example:

Is it plugged in?

Make sure your white good is plugged in and receiving power. For a fridge, the inside light is the best way to tell. For a newer washing machine, you should see a light or other indication that the power is on.

Check the thermostat

Always check the thermostat in the fridge or freezer if it’s not cold enough.

Is there something rattling around in the machine?

Check that the rattle you are hearing inside your washing machine isn’t simply a coin or other items from a pocket of clothing.

Are the seals OK?

Inspect the seals on fridges or freezers for any signs of damage.